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Christmas Special at the Art House

14 Dec

Minced pies, mulled wine and winter lounge topped off with a suitably festive if slightly twisted Finnish film. A perfect start for the Christmas season.


A Night in Paris

14 Dec

Guys, I loved the first premiere evening of Cinema at the Hill Station, the food was fabulous, the film delightful, and the quiz very enjoyable. All in all a wonderful evening for £10. And I didn’t mind at all that we didn’t know what film it would be, it was great to have the decision made by the “experts” on cinetopia! So thank you !!    Candace

We’ll definitely be coming next time for some Honk Kong Fooey on the 16th if we can get in.  After word-of-mouth does its work, it’s going to be a hot hot ticket I’m sure.  Well done Team Cine for a great idea superbly pulled off.    Paul